The Celtic Five-Fold symbol is an important symbol in the Celt people’s spirituality. The symbol is comprised of four cirlces that are linked to each other in the shape of an upright cross. These four circles are all centrally linked by a fifth circle in the middle. These design aspects lead to the symbol’s meanings of integration and inter-connectedness.

It is believed that the symbol represents the balance of the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) found in nature. This concept was not found in Celtic symbols alone. Almost every other ancient culture has symbols representing this balance and interconnected nature of these four elements.

To further establish the concept of the connected nature of all things, these four circles also represented the four directional spheres of our planet (North, South, East and West) as well as representing the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).

The fifth and central circle has a strong spiritual meaning and is believed to represent the so-called “fifth element” or ether. They believed that with the balance of the four physical elements, one unlocks and is able to tap into the ether. On the other side the ether is the invisible force that holds the other four physical forces together and gives life.

Thus the Celtic Five-Fold resonates with the Tameless brand and it’s people in that it represents our belief that nature and all its elements are connected and needs to be balanced and preserved in order for all beings to reach spiritual enlightenment. The symbol acts as a reminder in our personal lives to make decicions that retains a balanced lifestyle both physically and spiritually, for ourselves, other people as well as nature.

This can also be interpreted as a reminder of the importance of acting with balance in our personal lives.

An animation that shows the meaning of the five circles that make up the Celtic Five-Fold symbol