We take your privacy seriously and we’re sure you do too, so please read the full policy.

We realise it’s quite long, so we’ve tried to help you out by summarising it here, but we’d still love you to take the time to read it in full. Basically:

  • We collect information (including sensitive information) to make Tameless’ website useful to you.
  • We’ll keep you posted with Tameless news if you opt-in.
  • We may share your information with companies we work with, but you won’t be plagued with irrelevant material. It will not be publicly available, although we may have to pass on your details where required by law or if you breach our Content Standards.
  • By giving us this data, you agree it may be stored locally (South Africa) as well as on a cloud-based service. We do all we can to ensure this is done securely and in accordance with the privacy policy.
  • To remember you, our system will store cookies. This helps us to improve the website, although you can opt out. We will not sell this information. or give it away unless required by law.

Full Version

We are Tameless South Africa and we are the data controller for the purposes of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013.

This statement discloses the privacy practices and policies for the Tameless website. If you have any questions about these practices and policies, please email us at

Your personal data will be used for processing and invoicing your order and when dealing with your enquiries and, if you opt-in, to send you information about Tameless and its products. This may involve processing sensitive personal data about your health that you give to us. 

If you would like to be kept up to date with all the new exciting Tameless news, you can opt in for our newsletter! All you have to do sign-up via our website and there you have it; you can then confirm that your e-mail address is correct and is the same address you have used to order with.

We may share your information on a confidential basis with our third-party providers. However, don’t worry, your data is not publicly available and we will never pass it on to anyone who will plague you with non-Tameless marketing stuff. We treat your data as strictly confidential!

The only exceptions are:

  • if you breach our Content Standards as described within our Conditions of Use for example by posting something on our website and we receive a reasonable claim of Intellectual Property infringement (e.g. you have used someone else’s picture or song and they complain) or a breach of the right to privacy (e.g. put up a picture of someone doing something against the public interest) then we may have to pass on your details however we will tell you first unless it is the police asking;
  • if we sell our business or part of our business in which case personal data held about you could be transferred but you would be notified and be given the opportunity to have your data removed.

The data (including any sensitive personal data, such as health related data) that you submit may be stored locally (South Africa) and on cloud-based services. By providing us with your personal data, you agree to this storing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.